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There is a lot of important information on your computer. Just because others may be able to access your computer does not mean that they should have access to all the programs installed on your computer. Some of these programs contain information that is important and confidential. Although Windows has the option to password protect the computer itself, it does not password protect individual programs. Password Door can prevent others from accessing programs by requiring the user to enter a password of your choice before launching the program. Password door is a great utility and an excellent companion to Windows. When using the program for home use you can protect programs like your web broswer or email program to prevent your children from using them when you do not want them to. Password Door is great for the workplace, too. Password door can limit access to programs that may cause distractions or allow employees to waste time, such as instant messaging software, email, and web browsers. Whether at home or in the workplace password door is a great tool and a must for protection on any home or office computer.
Price USD29.95
License Purchase
File Size 605.47 kB
Version v3.0
Operating System Windows XP Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium class processor with 32 MB of RAM
  • At least 10 MB of empty hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
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