Password Depot U3 Edition

Password Depot is a powerful and user-friendly password manager which helps to manage all your passwords. Features include: Best protection of your data due to double encryption with Rijndael 256. You password list is protected twice: by the List Access key used and by the internal key. Friendly and easy-to-use interface, similar to the Windows Explorer, that allows you to navigate the password lists. Top bar window for faster and more efficient navigation. Auto-complete action that allows you to automatically complete fields on a web page with user name and password. Password lists on the internet: Place your encrypted password lists on the Internet and enjoy access to all of them, no matter where you are. Network compatible - allows shared use on a local network. Protection from keyloggers and spyware: Password Depot protects your passwords even if your computer is infected with spyware and keyloggers.
File Size5.92 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows NT 4 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003