Trustbox Backup lets you get easy access to all your files anywhere, "All One Place", whether it's files from your Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, or smartphones. You will always have your data at your hand. With our ForeverSave, you never lose your pictures and files. The ForeverSave feature nothing will ever be erased from the cloud. We'll keep everything for you and of course it will take place automatically. You choose when to delete old file versions. TrustBox backup uses a 3-layer security encryption (AES-256). An encryption before sending, additional security during transfer (SSL) and finally an encryption when it is stored on cloud servers. There is also the possibility of additional security through a personal passphrase password if desired. In addition to security, ease of use and service experience means a lot to us. We strive to provide world-class service, including free support in your local language, both by phone and of course by email. We are constantly developing our software so we can always provide the best possible service to our customers.
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