eBackup is a full-featured Online Backup application designed to encrypt your data and move it offsite 7/24/365. Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and encrypt the data you send offsite for storage. eBackup is 100% encrypted, 100% of the time. Reduced staff work load. Eliminate Media-related Errors - eBackup is 100% hard disk-based. CRM's eBackup can be used on its own to protect the entire enterprise, or as an additional tool to supplement your existing backup strategy. Because the system is an "online" solution, once a file is protected, it will never be backed up again unless the file changes or you invoke a full backup. This eliminates backing up the same unchanged files each night. When files do change, only the "changed" portion is copied offsite to CRM's Vault. This is called delta blocking - the process of recognizing changed information in a file and backing up only the new information. Should one of these files need to be restored, the system will rebuild the file and deliver it back to you. This reduces both bandwidth and storage requirements making this an "Internet friendly" solution.
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