Vespa MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) Design Software is different. Created by experts in MSE design, Vespa saves time by automating processes currently done manually, and by integrating the design and drawing process. Compared to existing MSE Design Software options, Vespa increases design efficiency, improves accuracy, and promotes a seamless flow of information between design stages and parties. Vespa allows the user to import grading and layout information directly from CAD using a CAD routine called AWall that is included with the Vespa Software package. The AWall CAD routine allows the designer to lay out the proposed wall right on the CAD grading plan to show accurate plan views of the wall, and then can export the wall geometry to Vespa. Once the wall geometry is imported or manually input, the user can then design walls using ANY user input or Vendor supplied Modular Block/Geogrid combination. Vespa then generates full wall layouts with accurate quantity estimates and comprehensive reports. The Vespa Calculation Engine can simultaneously run Static, Seismic, and ICS Analysis in accordance to NCMA or AASHTO (LRFD) Design Methodologies. Vespa MSE Design Software is built around the understanding that the goal of the Design Engineer is to produce a set of clear, comprehensive construction drawings. That's why Vespa automatically generates CAD cross sections and elevation views of the walls you've just designed. Once the design is complete, Vespa also allows you to export the wall geometry, soil conditions, and loading conditions to select Global Stability software programs. Vespa MSE Design Software helps put all parties on the same page and all the pieces of the design puzzle together. For the MSE Designer, the real time savings you gain using Vespa can pay for itself on the very first project.
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