I updated all of my code with VB2010 .NET4.0. Fixed all of the issue the old code caused with the new 64Bit releases of Windows. It is backward compatible with XP and includes an import wizard to bring your old data forward. I built a database and image file importer and exporter. I added XML importers and exports to all of the databases. I have also added much more room for comments and other data input boxes on all of the forms. This release is easier for amateur Hydroponics or Soil Gardeners to understand. So if your a beginner or an advanced gardener that makes their own fertilizers, this release makes it easy for you to record and recall your gardening information. This release fixes old issues that .NET1.1 and Windows7 had with the former release. I recommend installing this copy, importing your old databases and image files into it, then uninstall the previous version. this will insure you do not loose any data. This release is worth the download! Very nice...... :) Happy Gardening...
File Size7.27 MB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows Windows 7 Windows XP Windows NT Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Me
System Requirements.NET Framework 4.0


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