CircusDaze - Surreal / Paint Plugin

Plug-in for Photoshop (R) /paint shop pro / photo-paint / photoimpact / Painter / canvas and others "Circus daze" Color effects plug-in packed with 300 presets effects and more. Surreal and extreme color settings as well as warping and paint effects and color gradient effects - 100s of superb color settings and more for truly wow plugin imagery. Create wow warped / distorted imagery Great for paint effects Packed with experimentation features Use in many applications such as Photoshop Vol 19 of the Andrews plugins series of pc plugins A watermarked demo is available on the on the product plugin page. The plugin demo comes with a number of presets. Clicking OK places bars across the image.
File Size314.66 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 2000 Windows Windows NT