Illustrator plugins - Andrew's (vector) plugins vol 1

Plugin set for Illustrator 10 (and CS). The plugin set consists of a number of plugins for Illustrator 10 as well as CS; the new version also contains 12 additional variation plugins 'essentials' with cleaner/slimmed down interfaces as well as additional tweaking/boost/jitter and extreme setting options - the set now consists of 12 essentials and 12 classic plugins. Basic random - color randomization effects such as random swatches, random fills, random line weights. Duplications - duplication of paths, intervals, rows and columns, color effects. Grids - grid creator (100s of different types of grids). Lineup - line / scaled line effect plugin. Pie slice - slicing path tool, a massive selection of hi-impact path manipulation effects and color effects on any paths. Power Punch - inset and contour plugin tool for zoom effects and more, dynamic hi-impact effects. Random Clutter - Background clutter of shapes, quick frames, cross effects, fills. Round duplication - circle pattern effects. Sharp edge - frame tool and edge plugin. Spiral cirt - spirals plugins (hexagon spirals, square spirals etc). Star creator (creates many 100s of different types of stars or whole collections of stars). Warp 10 - warping envelope plugin. The plugins work on a single path or multiple paths. The latest version of the plugins set includes a large set of presets - for easy quick tryout as well as creative possibilities. Use on symbols or brushes or text. There is a demo set on the site. This is part of our ongoing Illustrator plugins set series. A new demo is available on the site in the updates section, containing a number of the essential series as well as the classic set + documentation (the demo displays in preview mode). The set was originally known as 'sapphire pack vol 1' and an update is available.
Price USD 12
License Free to try
File Size 166.61 kB
Version 1.5.5
Operating System Windows, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP
System Requirements None