Andrew's Plugins vol 5 - 20 Grains/Paint/Noise plugins

Plugins for Photoshop and other applications 20 random noise, grainy plugins, smear, drag effects, fuzzy grain effects, diffuse color shimmer effects, color effects, color threshold effects, weird and wonderful squared shimmer image->abstract effect plugin, blurs / smeared line effects, color blobby looks, rain, grayscale, fuzzy, smudged, squared effects and more . Many different options and settings. Hi-impact creative effects. The plugins are great for painted and brushed looks... The set was previously called Innovations vol 5.. Supported applications: Photoshop ® , paint shop pro, bryce, pp... Supported OS: PC 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Version: 5.1.3 Color Modes: RGB grayscale CMYK LAB A demo set exists on the graphicxtras/sapphire site - watermarked plugins.. Part of our ongoing series of plugins for Photoshop from the developer of the Andrew's filters series.
File Size1.24 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Photoshop or paint shop pro or painter or many other applications