Back in 1940, if a company wanted to print a book of matches, a poster or playbill, or run a full-color advertisement in a major publication, they needed to use the services of a qualified printer and lithographer. The job of the lithographer would be to take the original artwork, mechanical layouts and photographs and convert them so they could be reproduced in any number of offset printing processes. Once their work was completed, it was up to the printer to select the appropriate ink and stock to run the job. While these skilled laborers were working with the state-of-the-art equipment in 1940, the state-of-the-art was far less sophisticated than we are used to in present day. Even in the most competent hands, printing and lithography equipment lacked precision and often times created less than desireable results. As time went on and printing processes and equipment improved, we're now able to reproduce printed items that look exactly as we intend them to. While this we delight in as the miracle of technology, we have also lost the charm of printing's earlier years. Gone are the days of plate offset, over-inking, mis-registration, and a host of other resulting conditions sure to cause printers hair to prematurely fall out. Many times these artifacts presented to designers happy accidents only realized after the job was run. That is until now . . . . After the explosive growth of the Machine Wash Image Filters, we spent some time looking for the next big thing in the design world and found the tactile aesthetic was getting more sophisticated. Realizing that printing technology has left printed work sterile and without the texture, soul, or the spirit of vintage offset printing, we felt it was important to re-introduce them to the modern designers toolbox and joined forces with our friend and amazingly talented developer Maxim at Alpha Plug-ins to make our dream a reality and we're pleased to finally share the result of that with you!
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