The CommandPDF package contains a set of three applications aimed at simplifying and speeding up your PDF impositioning workflow: CommandPDF: a command line application that imposes PDF documents according to rules defined in an imposition template document. CommandPDFd: a command line daemon application can automate the impositioning workflow. CommandPDF Template Editor: a GUI line application that facilitates the design of imposition layouts. Why CommandPDF? CommandPDF was created because some power users need a versatile, powerful, automatable and yet efficient and easy to use tool for their publishing and imposition workflows. To achieve the required power and economy of resources CommandPDF is conceived as a command line binary that takes a few succinct command line options to perform its operations. To ease scalability the CommandPDF package includes a daemon that can watch a directory for arriving PDF documents, and apply a predefined template (called an imposition template) of modifications on them. Finally, to ease the creation of these templates a graphical user interface utility is included so that templates can be created visually and with immediate feedback.
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