BeamConstruct is an integrated laser marking software solution for nearly all kinds of laser scanner applications. It offers more than only the common features, supports several laser scanner controllers and provides full support for industrial usage. Laser marking projects created within BeamConstruct can be sent to a scanner system out of the application directly or they can be used within a custom visualisation and process control application created using the OpenAPC software package. Some of the key features of BeamConstruct: several static primitives like lines, circles, spirals, rectangles, triangles, polygons, bezier-curves different additional elements and object-types that can be combined with primitive geometries freely to easily create complex geometries freely definable and combinable filling/hatching of elements using different complex modes and patterns including hatching of three-dimensional elements dynamic elements like serial numbers, date, time, data set externally; they can be combined with: text and barcode elements text with support for all TrueType�¢?�¢ fonts and styles as well as speed-optimised laser-fonts barcodes with support for DataMatrix, PDF417, EAN, UPC, GTIN, MaxiCode, Aztec, Codabar, USPS, EIHBCC-codes and much more cutting of laser projects into smaller pieces that fit into the workspace and automated processing with integrated control of motion drives repeated processing of laser vector data with integrated motion controlling (one direction, rotational or X-Y-tables) support for scanner controller cards like Scanlab�¢?�¢ RTC3�¢?�¢/RTC4�¢?�¢/RTC5�¢?�¢/RTCscanalone�¢?�¢, SCAPS�¢?�¢ USC-1�¢?�¢/USC-2�¢?�¢, Ether Dream�¢?�¢, RayLase SP-ICE2 and others more full machine integration and automation possibilities via process control solution that is able to embed fully featured laser marking projects full support for 3D editing and marking, all geometries can be edited and modified in all three dimensions easily without artificial restrictions freely rotateable and movable 3D view to inspect generated laser projects slicing of solid 3D models for 2D layer based rapid prototyping or depth engraving applications CAD and WYSIWYG capabilities of laser project editor software available for Windows�¢?�¢ and Linux�¢?�¢
License Free
File Size 9.59 MB
Version 2.5
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 8 Windows 2000