Model Function for SketchUp

ModelFunction is a Sketchup plugin which provides the easy creation of Sketchup models while: Maintaining the design intent of 3D model Enabling efficient re-use without the need to perform complex correction editing, even when the geometry has changed drastically The ModelFunction approach applies division rules to the basic features of the input geometry. By creating 'max/ min' dimensions division rules which preserve the design intent, these independent rules that reside on the geometry of the template, can be applied later on to other division distances. This eliminates the fear of distortion or collapse of the 3D model. Geometry features and standard components are bound to the division rules features. In practice, rather than multiplying CAD instances as is usually done, the instancing itself is an independent feature existing between the input geometry and the CAD features and components. The lack of directional linkage between the various geometrical objects enables the efficient and rapid creation of robust and persistent designs, regardless of the target geometry. The designer creates 'input knowledge templates' which are later used as CAD functions that can be applied to produce CAD 3D models, while keeping the design intent intact. The ModelFunction plug-in: Saves time. Reduces design errors. Provides additional tools that improve the modeling work in Sketchup . Enhances high level detail design (bim). Strengthens intellectual property protection. Effectively re-uses designs. Stabilizes the differentiation of model shapes and inter-model distance values Creating the ModelFunction template is simple and does not require writing code or developing complex formulas.
Price USD39
License Free
File Size 3.85 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows 2003 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP