PIX Import for Bricscad

PIX Import for Bricscad is a Dr. Picza (.pix) file import plug-in for Bricscad. This plug-in gives Bricscad the ability to import geometric data from ASCII and Binary PIX files. PIX Import for Bricscad reads surface and polygon mesh data stored in PIX files and imports it into Bricscad. If the PIX file contains a scan of a surface, PIX Import for Bricscad creates the wireframe of the surface in Bricscad. The wireframe may be created as a set of points, lines, polylines, splines, 3D faces or a polygon mesh. If the PIX file contains the scan information in the form of a polygon mesh, PIX Import for Bricscad recreates the mesh model inside the active Bricscad drawing. The mesh can be recreated as set of points, lines, polylines, 3D faces or a polyface mesh. PIX Import for Bricscad is very easy to use. Once installed, it must be loaded into the Bricscad environment. There are simple instructions for this in the ReadMe file. Once loaded it adds new commands to Bricscad's existing commands and a new submenu called "PIXImport" to the Bricscad menu containing these newly added commands.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.49 MB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows Me Windows Windows Vista Windows 98 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP
System RequirementsBricscad 8