AndyCAD 2D is geared toward Engineers, Designers, Architects, Students, Inventors, Hobbyist, Educationist, Innovators, Creators and CAD lovers. Intuitive, Easy To Use. With AndyCAD, users interact directly with the model just as they like, making even dramatic design edits naturally and independently from how they or anyone else got the model to its current state. Layer Tools. Drawings can be organized by assigning objects to layers according to logical categories. Seamless Editing. Edit tools offer precise power to quickly change any object that you've created within your designs, as well as files you've imported from other programs. Open File Format. Versions of DXF files can easily be opened, viewed and edited. Precision Drawing. In controlling the placement of objects so that they lie exactly where you want them to lie in the drawing, AndyCAD gets you covered. Blocks and Library. Create your own library of object or used the vast array of object available. Easy Pricing. Who say that good CAD software need to cost a fortune? Whether you are an educator, a professional or an hobyst there is a version right for you.
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