ThreeDify Designer (32-bit)

ThreeDify Designer is a lightweight 3D modeler and file viewer. Designer is engineered from ground-up as a dual mode program: Designer can run standalone or be embedded within any COM containers. Designer supports both hardware and software rendering modes, unlimited undo/redo, import of 40+ 3D file formats and 30+ image formats. Features include powerful object grouping capability with drag and drop interface for basic assembly design, true 3D perspective-correct zoom window, CAD and Indoor view modes, preset and user-defined view clipping planes, 3D mesh and 2D polygon Boolean operations, mesh healing, associative dimensioning, component separation, 2D & 3D texts, 3D slicing, mesh trimming, polygon offset, local vertex/face editing, solid or surface creation from cross sections, support for materials (diffuse, specular, ambient, emissive, height, normals, shininess, opacity, vertex displacement, and ambient occlusion), multi-textures and shaders (with per pixel lighting effects, bump mapping parallax mapping, gloss mapping, and vertex displacement mapping), and plus an array of other powerful markup and 3D objection creation/editing tools.
License Free to try
File Size 13.42 MB
Version 5.6
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista