Small Home Air Conditioner - HVAC Handbook

This book was made as a guide for selecting the best heating andcooling device for small spaces.The main objective of this guide was to find and put in a logicalorder, between the covers of a book, the most important basicinformation necessary to determine the best heating and cooling unitsfor small spaces, such as small houses, flats, offices, rooms and thelike. Also included are instructions for the most efficient use of this HVACdevices and other useful information related to this issue.The guide is designed as a collection of short and clear to readarticles. It is divided into three sections that are marked with theappropriate color in the title. Articles relating to cooling are marked inblue color, green articles are related to the treatment of air and thered color-coded articles have been related to the heating. All articlesare written to suit beginners, who have no or little experience withHVAC issues. I hope that all readers will be able to easily read andadopt information from this book. Primarily the greatest benefit fromthis guide will have HVAC salespeople, homeowners, and users ofHVAC equipment, but even HVAC technicians and students can founduseful information.The guide is not based on the research of the author, but on hisprofessional experience in the use of HVAC equipment.The author will be grateful to every well-intentioned reader whopoints him to any errors or omissions in the pages that follow. Iexpress special gratitude to anyone who suggests the way in whichthis book can be improved to be more valuable and useful in its nextedition.
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Version 1.0
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