Colt model "Mustang" explained

Field stripping of the Colt Mustang (I)- Withdrawal of the magazine from the grip- Detachment of the slide from the receiver- Removal of the recoils springs and guide- Reassembly tip (ejector locked)Field stripping of the Colt Mustang (II)- Two tips to re-install the recoil spring unit- Removal of the barrel- Impossibility to remove the barrel out the slide- Trick to dismount a reluctant barrelAdvanced dismounting of the slide- Dismounting of the firing pin- Dismounting of the extractor- Dismounting of the firing pin safetyAdvanced dismounting of the receiver (I)- Removal of the grip plates- Dismounting of the manual safety- Dismounting of the hammer- Dismounting of the main spring and hammer strutAdvanced dismounting of the receiver (II)- Dismounting of the sear spring- Dismounting of the sear and ejector- Dismounting of the magazine catchAdvanced dismounting of the receiver (III)- Dismounting of the trigger assembly- Dismounting of the disconnector- Disassembling of the magazine- Diagram of the partsThe safeties of the Colt Mustang- The firing pin automatic safety- Firing pin safety lever- The manual safety- The hammer safety notchFunctioning of the trigger mechanism- Basic functioning of the trigger assembly- When the trigger is depressed- Strike of the firing pin- Consequences of the slide recoil on the triggerPhases of the recoil explained (I)- Recoil operated gun- Locking of the barrel with the slide- Unlocking of the barrel by the recoil of the slide- Ejection of the cartridge casePhases of the recoil explained (II)- Chambering of a fresh cartridge- Reset of the trigger bar ahead of the sear- Slide not fully closed on the barrel's chamber- Functioning of the holdopen latchFrom the 1903 "Hammerless" to the Mustang- Colt model 1908 pocket "hammerless"- GX2501-2 Colt prototype in caliber .380- Colt (Star) Pony model of 1973- Czech CZ 75 new tilting barrel- Government Model in .380 AUTO- Colt Mustang in caliber .380- Colt "Mustang Plus II"Since the year 2000, "" is specialized in the publication of downloadable technical textbooks on collectable firearms.
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