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Beautiful History of Han Dynasty" for all citizens of Han Dynasty! ancient Han Dynasty history with Graphics - Popular Top "Han Dynasty history" Free Download! This is a whole app is very easy to use. The app cover whole topics related to Han Dynasty timeline, Han Dynasty facts, and China history.The Han dynasty (Chinese: ; pinyin: Hn cho) was the second imperial dynasty of China (206 BC220 AD), preceded by the Qin dynasty (221206 BC) and succeeded by the Three Kingdoms period (220280 AD). Spanning over four centuries, the Han period is considered a golden age in Chinese history. To this day, China's majority ethnic group refers to themselves as the "Han Chinese" and the Chinese script is referred to as "Han characters". It was founded by the rebel leader Liu Bang, known posthumouslyas Emperor Gaozu of Han, and briefly interrupted by the Xin dynasty (923 AD) of the former regent Wang Mang. This interregnum separates the Han dynasty into two periods: the Western Han or Former Han (206 BC9 AD) and the Eastern Han or Later Han (25220 AD).The emperor was at the pinnacle of Han society. He presided over the Han government but shared power with both the nobility and appointed ministers who came largely from the scholarly gentry class. The Han Empire was divided into areas directly controlled by the central government using an innovation inherited from the Qin known as commanderies, and a number of semi-autonomous kingdoms. These kingdoms gradually lost all vestiges of their independence, particularly following the Rebellion of the Seven States. From the reign of Emperor Wu (r. 14187 BC) onward, the Chinese court officially sponsored Confucianism in education and court politics, synthesized with the cosmology of later scholars such as Dong Zhongshu. This policy endured until the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911 AD.This app has a feature to mark any history page as bookmark with the History of Han Dynasty. You can even select to view or browse or zoom whole content. We are sure that this app is better than other Han Dynasty History app.Pleasant Features of "Han Dynasty History" Application:- Very user responsive and easy to navigate.- Optimized battery usage!- Bookmark any page.- Zoom in & out controls.- Optimized for all devices.- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).- Change the background color to reduce eye constrain.- Share your part of history or pictures to your friends and family to Instagram, Picasa, Photos, and Facebook.All these features are available for free.True History Team is continuous working hard on making this app better-quality and more valued for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions /problems. We are sorry, if there is any mistake in date. If you have liked any feature of this app, do not forget to rate us on play store.+-
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