History of Colombia

Beautiful History of Colombia for all citizens of Colombia! ancient Colombia history with Graphics - Popular Top Colombia history Free Download! This is a whole app is very easy to use.For thousands of years before Europeans arrived Amerindians lived in what is now Colombia. Some lived by fishing and hunting but some lived by farming. The first Spaniard to land in the area was Alonso de Ojeda in 1500. However there was no permanent Spanish settlement until 1533 when Cartagena and Santa Marta were founded. Bogota was founded in 1538. In 1564 Colombia was made a captaincy-general. The colony thrived and many African slaves were taken there.However in 1808 Napoleon made his brother king of Spain but many people in the Spanish colonies refused to accept the new king. In 1810 most of Colombia declared independence. It did not last long. The Spanish re-conquered the area in 1815-16. Yet in 1819 Simon Bolivar defeated the Spanish at the battle of Boyaca. Subsequently a new nation was formed consisting of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador. The new nation was called the Republic of Colombia.However regional differences caused the new country to break up. Bolivar became dictator in 1828 but he resigned in 1830 and Colombia (including what is now Panama) became separate from Ecuador and Venezuela.However Colombia was a troubled country and 8 civil wars took place during the 19th century. Furthermore by 1849 there were 2 political parties, one conservative, representing the landowners and the Catholic Church, the other liberal, representing the merchants and craftsmen. Political instability continued through the late 19th century and in 1899 a terrible civil war called the War of a Thousand Days was fought. Then in 1903 Panama broke away and became an independent nation.This app has a feature to mark any history page as bookmark with the History of Colombia. You can even select to view or browse or zoom whole content. We are sure that this app is better than other Colombia History app.Pleasant Features of Colombia History Application:- Very user responsive and easy to navigate.- Optimized battery usage!- Bookmark any page.- Zoom in & out controls.- Optimized for all devices.- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).- Change the background color to reduce eye constrain.- Share your part of history or pictures to your friends and family to Instagram, Picasa, Photos, and Facebook.All these features are available for free.True History Team is continuous working hard on making this app better-quality and more valued for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions /problems. We are sorry, if there is any mistake in date. If you have liked any feature of this app, do not forget to rate us on play store.
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