Little Men sequel to Little Women by Louisa Alcott

The novel Little Men is a sequel to Little Women written by the Louisa M. Alcott.Little Men or Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys, was first published in 1871.This book tells the story of Jo March who is married with two sons of her own. Together with her husband Professor Bhaer, they founded an informal school, Plumfield Estate School and thus sets the story of Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys for physically and mentally challenged children, children of the merchant class and poor orphaned boys.This place is made for all sorts of boys to have a good time in, and to learn how to help themselves and be useful men, I hope says Jo to Nat, in the first chapter.The idea of the school is first suggested at the very end of Little Women, Part Two, when Jo inherits Plumfield Estate from her late Aunt March.Plumfield School is not a conventional school. It is an odd school.The children are given a small plot of land and they can grow anything in their own gardens. They can have own pets and are encouraged to experiment with running their own businesses. Read how they trade amongst themselves, and with outsiders.The children are treated as individuals, with a strong emphasis on gently moulding their characters.They lived together as happily as twelve lads could, studying and playing, working and squabbling, fighting faults and cultivating virtues in the good old-fashioned way.Boys at other schools probably learned more from books, but less of that better wisdom which makes good men.Latin, Greek, and mathematics were all very well, but in Professor Bhaers opinion, self-knowledge, self-help, and self-control were more important, and he tried to teach them carefully.Pillow fights are permitted every Saturday nights, for 15 minutes, and the boys promised to go properly to bed, every other nightGirls were later Introduced so that the boys would be all the better for another girl among them [Chapter 7].Read about how the boys struggle to maintain good manners in front of the girls.The boys have a habit of getting into scrapes, and their mischievous antics call for the warm and affectionate support of the whole March family.The experiences of the youngsters exemplify important life lessons as they learn to grow into proper young gentleman and ladies.Little Men quickly became popular at the time of publication and has become a beloved classic, inspiring numerous TV and film adaptations.Features in this free app on Little Men, sequel to Little Women by Louisa Alcott are :- The contents of the book remain intact with its flowery language of the time.- However, we have taken the liberty to break the longer passages into shorter paragraphs for easy reading.- The digital version of the book Little Men makes easy reading.- Just download the Little Men novel to your phone and tablet, and you can read it anytime, anywhere, without having to bring the physical book with you.- This app has easy navigation tools.- You can view in single page or double page mode- You can select to go to the first page, last page and any page in between- You can turn on or turn off the page sound- Swipe left or right to turn the page- You can zoom in to the page for a more comfortable reading- And its free to use.Little Men is the second book in the trilogy about the March sisters; the first being Little Women, and the third being Jos Boys.
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