History of Mali

Beautiful "History of Mali" for all citizens of Mali! ancient Mali history with Graphics - Popular Top "Mali history" Free Download! This is a whole app is very easy to use. The app cover whole history of Mali from Battle of Kirina to Republic of Mali.Mand people founded several kingdoms in the Sahel. This was a big area that included Mali. These kingdoms included the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire, and the Songhai Empire. Timbuktu was an important city in these empires because a lot of trade across the Sahara Desert went there. Timbuktu was also a good place for learning. The Songhai Empire became much smaller after a Moroccan attack in 1591.France invaded Mali in 1880. After that, France owned Mali. France gave Mali the names French Sudan and the Sudanese Republic. At some times it also included other nearby countries. In early 1959, Mali and Senegal united and they became the Mali Federation. They became independent from France on June 20, 1960. Senegal left the Mali Federation a few months later. The Republic of Mali, with Modibo Keta as the first president, left the French Community on September 22, 1960.There was a coup in Mali in 1968. Modibo Keta lost his job and was put in prison. Mali was then ruled by Moussa Traor until 1991. He treated the country badly, and so there was another coup in 1991 after protests against the government, and a new constitution was made. The leader of the country was then Amadou Toumani Tour. In 1992, Alpha Oumar Konar won Mali's first democratic election. President Konar won again in 1997 and he made big political and economic changes. In 2002, Amadou Toumani Tour won the election and he started his second term as head of state. He was a retired general and he had been the military leader of the 1991 coup. Today, Mali is one of the least stable countries in Africa.This app has a feature to mark any history page as bookmark with the History of Mali. You can even select to view or browse or zoom whole content. We are sure that this app is better than other Mali History app.Pleasant Features of "Mali History" Application:- Very user responsive and easy to navigate.- Optimized battery usage!- Bookmark any page.- Zoom in & out controls.- Optimized for all devices.- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).- Change the background color to reduce eye constrain.- Share your part of history or pictures to your friends and family to Instagram, Picasa, Photos, and Facebook.All these features are available for free.True History Team is continuous working hard on making this app better-quality and more valued for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions /problems. If you have liked any feature of this app, do not forget to rate us on play store.
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