Stories of Holy Prophets in Urdu :

*** Indeed in their stories, there is a lesson for men of understanding. (Yusuf, 111) ***This application presents with a rare urdu compilation of accounts of lives of Holy Prophets as described in the Holy Quran. The incidents and accounts are accompanied by proper references from Quran and Tafaseer.Prophet MuhammadProphet AdamProphet SheesProphet Idris (Enoch)Prophet Nuh (Noah)Prophet HudProphet SalihProphet Ibrahim (Abraham)Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael)Prophet IshaqProphet Lot (Lut)Prophet Yaqub (Jacob)Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)Prophet Job (Ayoub)Prophet Shu'aibProphets Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron)Prophet KhidharProphet Yushah Bin NoonProphet Elisha (Elyas)Prophet Dhul - KiflProphet Shammil (Samuel)Prophet Dawud (David)Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon)Prophet Yunus (Jonah)Prophet Uzair (Ezra)Prophet DanielSource: Qisas Al Anbia - Abdul Aziz
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