Free short fables with moral

Fables are a very entertaining and interesting way to learn life lessons. From Greek mythology there are numerous authors who have been telling, according to their styles, both short and short as well as long or extensive stories that with different characteristics and based on elements of nature, animals, stuffed animals or even Greek gods, represented situations or experiences of the life of the people, with a main role in which they will finally remain were explained through a moral or final teaching.These small narratives have endured over time, spreading from the adult audience to the children's audience. Authors such as Aesop, Samaniego, Duss, Atelana, Arachne, Polyphemus, Fontaine, Galatea or even Aristotle are the most outstanding of this type of writing.Many and varied fables that will make you spend a pleasant time. Enter and navigate this endless literature so peculiar and fun in the form of a poem.Enjoy up to 400 most famous and popular fables with this totally free app. In addition to information about fables in general such as their definition, meaning or history.Examples of outstanding fables from ancient times to the present day:- The Ant and the Grasshopper.- The hare and the Tortoise.- The dove and the ant.- The frog and the scorpion.- The wolf and the lamb.- The ass, the fox and the lion.- The donkey and the flute.- Dog.Multitude of cases: one, two, three, four, five or even multiple characters can appear in the story.
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