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Hisn Al-MuslimWhy Hisn Al-Muslim?Hisn Al-Muslim is not a Dhikr-based application only, but it goes beyond to provide full explanation for such Dhikrs, along with audio service, making it easy for you to read, listen and understand all in one. The application is provided with 20 different languages, user-friendly interface, along with many other features, including:First-Certified Application: The only application certified by Sheikh Sa`id Ibn `Ali Al-Qahtani (may Allah have mercy upon him)Explanation: the applications offers explanation for each Dhikr, including wording, vocabularies and lessons derived from the hadith, and attributes every hadith to its original source.Audio Invocations: You can listen to Dhikrs by Hamad Ibn Muhammad A-Durayhims performance.Electronic Rosary: Count number of Tasbih and Istighfar you perform.Share: Share Dhikrs with your friends through social media and SMS.Search: Search in chapters and texts of hadiths.Electronic Counter: Allows you to be informed with the number of Dhikr repetitions.Languages: The application is available in 20 languages.Alerts: Smart alerts for Morning, Evening, sleep and other Dhikrs.View settings: Customize view settings through changing font color, size and type, and display Dhikrs with or without diacritics.My Dhikrs: You are enabled to record your own personal Dhikrs in the application.Favorites: Collect your favorite Dhikrs in one place to reach them easily.Night Mode: Activate night mode for better experience in dark and low-light environments. 20 :www.binwahaf.com 20 . .
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License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up