Electronics Experiments

Explore the exciting world of Electronics with this collection of 318 Tuitional and Educational videos.There are many electronics projects and experiments covered including:Mendocino Motor - solar powered magnetically levitatedSimple generator AC electric generator for science fairDrCassettes workshop - cheap computer speakersRGB LED SCREEN obsolete prototypeWhats hiding in infrared make your own infrared cameraGuard Dog Burglar AlarmAmazing Lasers - Protect Your Home with Lasershow to make a record lathe part 1Private VideoMake a Pocket LED CubeMake Your Own Printed Circuit Boards on a LaserjetMake Traffic Lights Change Amazing Or is itChristmas Light HackHypnocube - My own code and animationsFun With a Lie DetectorUCLA MAE 162C Railgun Project Spring 2008railgun project15000v across a CDmetallica - master of puppetsOil ComputerLED Cube How it works CODELego CD Writer500 LED Extreme flashlightEasy DIY Magnetic Coil Pickup for you CBG from a Wallwart TransformerMake Thermite out of SandHow to download webcammax 7088 full version for freeHow to Build a Jet Engine-Part 1- Introductionalexan low-cost power supplyMake a relayLord of the RelaysPrivate VideoWhat happened if you dont run a ballast with a mot9V battery Jacob ladder9kv 30ma NST Jacobs LadderElectric OU Small Jacobs Ladder or What a 555 Timer Can Do for YouJacobs ladder electricalMOT spotwelder with timer control footswitch operation and some other tweaksResonant Microwave Oven High Voltage SetupHow to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By EdOnkyo TX-DS575X Receiver with a problemOnkyo TX-SR806S Will Not Power On Click Circuit Protection Enabledmineral oil baby oil cooled computerliquid cooled xbox 360Crazy Under Water PC - overclocked cooling5000 Dollar Gaming Computer build Core I7 2600k SLI GTX 590s Quad SLI Part 1Candle free energy - perpetuum mobile - energie zdarma ze svkySmall acrylic TeslaCoil - Featured on Hacked GadgetsThis is just TOO cool Danger Do not try at YOUR homeMy First Tesla Coil --- amazed with results 15kv 60maExperiments 11 Introductory Power Supply CircuitExperiments 12 Introductory Power Supply Circuit II Mains PSUsExperiments 21 Logic Gates - NOT gate using a single transistorDigital Electronics Logic Gates - Integrated Circuits Part 1Experiments 23 Logic Gates - Integrated Circuits Part 2 - AND using NAND and NORExperiments 24 Digital Logic - Karnaugh Maps Part 1Experiments 25 Digital Logic - Karnaugh Maps Part 2Experiments 26 Logic Gates - 3 Line to 8 Line Decoder ExampleExperiments 31 Sequential Logic - S-R Latch and a Gated S-R LatchExperiments 32 Sequential Logic - D-Type and JK Flip-FlopExperiments 41 Applications - The 555 Timer SequenceExperiments 42 A Binary Coded Decimal BCD Counter using the CD40192BDigital Electronics Binary Coded Decimal BCD to 7 Segment DisplayExperiments 44 Binary Coded Decimal BCD Counter with 7 Segment DisplayExperiments 51 Arduino IntroductionExperiments 52 Arduino - Serial to Parallel Conversion 74HC164 74HC595Experiments 53 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Tutorial RedGreen Common Anode using the ArduinoA little fun with some high velocity fansCoil Gun first examination and discharge current measurementCoil gun first test firingLate Jan Random Updates and time-lapse testingFuel Vaporizer Experiment on 5HP Horizonal Shaft Briggs Engine Design Build and TestGas Fuel vaporizer ideas and considerations25 46 Monitor Samsung 400DXn power supply fixSun NVRAM Fix Invalid IDPROM error from bad clock battery ultra1Gestetner 2760 Copier Logic Board RepairDell Inspiron 1000 forgotten BIOS password mis flash timelapse repairHTS 2000 Attempting the Aluminum Can Hole RepairMy HE351ve VR6VGT Electronic contoller part 1and many more
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