Guide For The Escapists

"Guide For The Escapists" is an unofficial guide for the game The Escapists.This app provides Characters,Items,Crafting,Jobs,Prisons,Maps,Achievements,The Walking Dead,The Escapists 2,Weapons,Others.It also includes cheats,tips,videos,game.-->Characters:It includes Bruce,Dave,Employment Officer,Glitch 66,Governor,Guards,Matt,Otis,Rick Grimes,Tower guards,Warden,etc.-->Items:->Chipping Tools: It includes Chisel,Crowbar,Flimsy Pickaxe,Flimsy Shovel,Lightweight Pickaxe,Lightweight Shovel,Multitool, etc.->Consumables: It includes Bananas,Bar of Chocolate,Bottle of Medicine,Can of Soda,Chocolate,Coconut,Cooked Food,Cookie, etc.->Contraband: It includes Baton,Blank Security Pass,Bomb Surprise,Bottle of Sleeping Pills,Bracket,Breathable Trash Bag,Breathing Mask,Bulbs,Candy Cane Lever,Charcoal, etc.->Cutting Tools: It includes Cutting Floss,Cutting Laser Watch,File,Flimsy Cutters,Lightweight Cutters, etc.->Digging Tools: It includes Flimsy Pickaxe,Flimsy Shovel,Lightweight Pickaxe,Lightweight Shovel,Multitool,Plastic Spoon, etc.->Food: It includes Bananas,Bar of Chocolate,Burrito,Coconut, etc.->Keys: It includes Keys,Plastic Key, etc.->Limited-Use Items: It includes Baton,Broom,Contraband Pouch,Crowbar,Cutting Floss,Cutting Laser Watch,Durable Contraband Pouch,Fake Fence,Fake Shoe,Fake Vent Cover, etc.->Outfits: It includes Civilian Outfit,Cushioned Inmate Outfit,Cushioned POW Outfit,Guard Outfit,Henchman Outfit, etc.->Unscrewing Tools: It includes Plastic Knife,Powered Screwdriver,Screwdriver, etc.-->Crafting: It includes Tools,Weapons,Wearables,Concealment Devices,Miscellaneous,Escape Team Crafts,Duct Tapes Are Forever Crafts,Santa's Sweatshop Crafts,Jingle Cells Crafts, etc.-->Jobs: It includes Deliveries,Gardening,Janitor,Kitchen,Laundry,Library,Mailman,Metal Shop,Tailor,Wood Shop, etc.-->Prisons:->Main Prisons: It includes Center Perks,Stalag Flucht,Shankton State Pen, etc.->Bonus Prisons: It includes Fort Bamford,Camp Epsilon,Paris Central Pen,London Tower, etc.->DLC: It includes Fhurst Peak Correctional,Alcatraz,Escape Team, etc.-->Maps: It includes Center Perks,HMP-Irongate,Jingle Cells,Jungle Compound,Paris Central Pen,Precinct 17,San Pancho, etc.-->Weapons: It includes Axe,Baton,Broom,Comb Blade,Comb Shiv,Crowbar,Giant Lollipop,Glass Shank,Hammer,Hoe,Knuckle Duster,Machine Gun,Metal Rimmed Hat, etc.-->Achievements: It includes Steam Achievements,Escape Team DLC,Santa's Sweatshop DLC,Duct Tapes Are Forever DLC,The Escapists The Walking Dead,The Escapists 2, etc.-->The Walking Dead: ->Comics: It includes Comics, etc. ->Locations: It includes Alexandria,Greene Family Farm,Harrison Memorial Hospital,Meriweather Correctional Facility,Woodbury, etc.-->The Escapists 2: ->Maps: It includes Air Force Con,Area 17,Center Perks The Escapists 2,Cougar Creek Railroad,Fort Tundra,H M P Offshore,H M S Orca,K A P O W Camp, etc. ->Others: It includes Combat System,Multiplayer, etc-->It includes a game base on memory power.-->Cheats,Tips,The Escapists 2.-->Video: The Escapists,The Walking Dead,The Escapists 2,Others.>Quick Search And Access.Legal Disclaimer :This is an unofficial guide for the game The Escapists.This app is not affiliated with The Escapists.This app acts as guide for players to have reference and better understand the game.The Escapists Name,The Escapists Brand and The Escapists Assets are all property of their respectful owner.
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Version 1.2
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System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.