Zuljana is said to be a beautiful white stallion purchased by the Holy Prophet (s). She was originally named Murtajiz, because of the loud sweet sound of her neigh which differed from the other horses. As a child, it has been said that the young Imam Hussain a.s. used to visit the stable of Zuljana and stare at her as if they were having a deep discussion. The Holy Prophet (s) saw this and asked his grandson if he wished to ride the horse, replying yes, the Prophet of Allah asked his companions to saddle up the horse. All were smiling on that day except one, none other than the Holy Prophet who had began to weep. One of the companions asked him why he was not smiling, as it was a celebration to see his beloved grandson riding the horse. The Holy prophet replied that he could foresee something that his companions did not. When Hussain a.s. was getting ready to ride Zuljana, the horse had lowered himself down on all four legs for Hussain to mount him. Rasool Allah said that there would be a day when his grandson would be so weak from a battle that he wouldn't be able to lower himself from the horse. Zuljana would have to descend on all four legs, just as he had done for the young Imam, so Hussain a.s. could slide himself off.In Karbala, after all the soldiers had been martyred, Imam Hussain was the last one left. He gently stroked the neck of his noble horse, and said I know you are tired and thirsty but just take me to the battlefield one last time. Zuljana tried to move forward, but couldn't, she turned to see what was stopping her, when she saw holding her legs was Sukaina, the beloved daughter of Hussain. She was crying, begging for the horse not to move. She said that everyone had left and not returned. She cried how could she survive without her father? She would sleep on the chest of her father nightly, she wouldn't be able to sleep without him. His beloved daughter asked to lay on his chest one last time, Imam Hussain a.s. dismounted Zuljana and lied on the sand of karbala while Sakina rested her head on her beloved father's chest. After a while she got up and told her father to go.Zuljana showed her bravery and patience throughout the battle of Karbala, and it is no doubt that this was no ordinary horse. She endured much with our master Hussain a.s. May Allah help us to be able to endure tough trials to come so we can be ready for our Imam a.s. may Allah hasten his reappearance
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