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To all good students of Vedic Astrology who struggle to correctly practice the science, in full faith and recognition of the wishes of our guardians and well wishers, the ancient sages, who are the original members of all good Sampradaya of Vedic knowledge, and who are still present invisibly, encouraging and blessing us in our endeavors to serve them, and the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna.The Sanskrit word Karaka means Significator. In simpler English we could translate it as stands for. For example, in Vedic Astrology the Moon Signifies or stands for the mind of the person. Jupiter is the Karaka for children, which means that we look to Jupiter in hes chart to know something about their children. However, the 5th House and its Lord also have much to do with children in ones chart. Speaking very strictly, we would say that Jupiter is the Karaka for children, while the 5th House and its Lord, although having much to do with children for certain, are not directly referred to as Karakas for the subject of children.However, the student of astrology needs to know which Houses, Signs and Planets affect each particular aspect or subject in life. In order to be able to accurately assess charts and give true predictions, the astrologer must know where to look in a chart for each subject they attempt to understand through the chart. Therefore, the following indexes of Karakas has been assembled. Even though, as stated, the Houses and Signs are not strictly referred to as Karakas of the subject items attached to them, still, the word Karaka is the most accurate single word I could find to use to summarize what I have assembled herein. I apologize to the erudite Sanskrit grammarian for this liberality on our part.The Karaka listing herein are presented in various sections, the first being a complete list of all Karakas for all Planets, Signs and Houses that could be assembled from all the classic works I could find that listed Karakas of any type. This was a large task. Many Karakas are listed more than once, in rearranged wordings in hopes that you would find them where you looked for them. For example, the item of property of the brother might be listed also under brother, property of. Similarly, higher education might also be listed as education, higher.By A - ZBy PlanetBy HouseBy SignShare application to your friends and learn from our app, your suggestion is very important for usThank you
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