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Demonology free book app is going to tell you about the history of demons and the history of the devil.This app features a famous book called Demonology and Devil Lore.The book is one of the most profound books on demonology, along with demon lore and devil stories in english.You will learn about the following subjects from the 4 parts of this app:- Real demon stories noted in the religious texts from almost every culture across the world including Christian Demonology and others.- Folklore stories about the devil from many cultures.- You are going to learn about the most famous and mysterious demonic books including the Demonic Bible.- The history of the Devil: how the devil came about in various religions along with myths and legends and stories about various versions of the character.Some key features of the book reading app:- Easy to use interface- Easy to move from chapter to chapter- Customizable font size (large, small, medium)- Various reading modes (light, dark, yellow page)- Bookmark option- completely free and offlineWe have tried to create something that stands out among the demonology apps. We tried to give you something that satisfies your want of reading a good demon story, and gives you knowledge about mythology and history regarding the subject. The book you are about to read in the app has it all. So, download and enjoy and learn.Disclaimer: The Demonology and Devil-lore by Moncure Daniel Conway was published in 1879. It is in the public domain; therefore, its not bounded by the US copyright law. Anyone can copy and distribute it for free. Also, the other contents (such as pictures) are open source materials, and completely copyright free. Even so, if you have copyright to any material of this Demonology Free Book app, please email us to, we will remove the contents or give appropriate credit as per your demand.Hope you enjoy reading the demon stories and lore. Have a nice day
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