This Lonati APP is an easy, useful and convenient way of keeping customers and textile machinery professionals up to date on the latest news and innovations relating to circular machines manufactured by Lonati, an industry leader for over 70 years. The aim is to improve the synergies of electronic and textile machinery potential, to implement the most versatile solutions and produce infinite Italian fashion creations. Lonati is committed to ongoing research and the development of innovative products, technologies, processes and materials to provide customers all over the world with the best circular textile machinery available, guaranteeing high quality production at competitive prices. Lonati Group has experience spanning half a century, punctuated by exclusive technological innovations designed to meet the varied requirements of customers, always finding the best solution for any production needs. Potential annual production at Lonati amounts to approximately 10-11,000 machines consisting of over 50 models, with an international market penetration of 60%, and particular focus on emerging markets such as China and Turkey, not forgetting traditional markets such as North and South America, Europe, and part of Africa. Technological development in every area, a focus on compliance and the effectiveness of facilities and tools, and electronic document management - all Lonati activities are involved in an ongoing process of improvement. The aim is to continue the growth that has been ongoing since 1946. The company's strategy is based on innovation and efficiency, by investing in the development of processes, materials and products, testing and assessing current production to continually improve performance, and developing new technologies that can make items for different markets, such as shoe uppers produced using circular machinery for the first time worldwide. The Lonati Research & Development department, extending over 800 square metres, is also known as the 'Experience Department'. This is where the ideas and knowledge of technicians, engineers and experts come together in a centre of analytical excellence, and where experimentation is the order of the day with cutting-edge machinery, equipment and instrumentation. Able collaborators and team work characterise the Lonati style - efficiency, expertise and organisation, and the desire to learn and continually strive for excellence are the values that bind and strengthen team work. When that team also has the best specialists from the textile machinery and electronics industries, not to mention the computer science world, good results keep coming year after year. The Lonati team is equipped with the most advanced technologies, and is always producing new, more streamlined and effective solutions to tackle production challenges. The company's leading international position, achieved through research and the development of revolutionary machinery, provides customers with exclusive benefits and advantages. Thanks to unrivalled expertise and experience acquired over more than half a century, Lonati is able to continually raise the bar when it comes to the efficiency, reliability and environmental sustainability of the company's products. The Lonati APP has therefore been developed with the main objective of providing an exclusive preview of the research and technological developments of circular Lonati machines designed to produce footwear, hosiery, medical garments, knitwear and sportswear. Another important objective with this APP is to provide a convenient tool for accessing information and news directly on industry trade fairs and events involving Lonati S.p.A.
License Free
Version 1.1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.