Illustrated Janazah Guide

This is a self-explanatory compilation for step by step guide to Janazah (Islamic Funeral) based on an authentic teaching of Islam. The compilation comprises everything concerning Janazah with visual illustrations for easy understanding.Many Muslims nowadays seems not to give more attention towards the issue of janazah, we mostly forget that one day we might be the ones responsible for the bathing/shrouding of the body of our beloved ones. Therefore, it is matter of great importance for every Muslim to have this knowledge because of it's critically.When our loved ones die, one of the best thing we can do for them is to make sure their funeral is done according to the authentic teaching Islam. Things like, Making dua for them, washing and shrouding their body, performing Salatul Janazah for them ( Where people pray and ask Allah to forgive him and have mercy on him ), then putting them in the grave and so on.Some of the Topics Covered in this guide includes:Death.Just after Death has been determined.Mourning the dead.Al-Ghusul (Washing the body of a dead Muslim).Al-Kafan (Shrouding the body of a dead Muslim).Kafan of a male.Kafan of a female.Salatul Janazah (Funeral prayer).Following the Janazah.Al-Dafan (The Burial). and so on.We ask Allah the Almighty to guide us towards following the authentic Islamic Teachings and to make us among the dwellers of Jannah. Ameen.Don't forget to rate our application, and for any inquiry you can reach us in our email below. May Allah continue to be our guide all.Barakallahu Feekum, Wa Jazaakumullahu Khair.HadithTech Team.
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