One of the greatest literary jewels in the Christian world. Written by the Christian author, Ellen G. White more than 100 years ago, in each one of its chapters, it expands in detail what the Holy Scriptures have to teach us.When Israel was a united and glorious kingdom, endowed with a magnificent temple, center of the true cult in the world . The most outstanding spiritual truths of the biblical account, from Salmon to the birth of ChristSome chapters in this tool:- Solomon- The Temple and Its Dedication- Pride of Prosperity- Results of Transgression- Solomons Repentance- The Rending of the Kingdom- Jeroboam- National Apostasy- Elijah the Tishbite- The Voice of Stern Rebuke- Carme- From Jezreel to Horeb- What Doest Thou Here?- In the Spirit and Power of Elias- Jehoshaphat- and more ...The book talks about several important topics like the following:- The ascent, the glory and the fall of Solomon, the wisest king that has ever existed.- The division of the Kingdom of Israel after the death of Solomon.- The life of the prophet Elijah in the time of Israel's apostasy.- The call and ministry of the prophet Elisha.- Jonah and the people of Nineveh,- Daniel, his friends and the reign of Babylon.- In the time of Queen Esther.- Reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.- The coming of the great Liberator.Ellen White (November 26, 1827 July 16, 1915) was a prolific author, writing more than 40 books and 5000 periodical articles during her lifetime. Today there are over one hundred 50,000 manuscript pages of her writings. She was one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, believed by many readers to have the spiritual gift of prophecy described in the Bible.White was considered a somewhat controversial figure by his critics, with much of the controversy centered on his reports of visionary experiences and the use of other sources in his writings. She experienced her first vision shortly after the Great Millerite Disappointment of 1844. Historian Randall Balmer has described White as "one of the most important and colorful figures in the history of American religion." Walter Martin described it as "one of the most fascinating and controversial characters ever appeared on the horizon of religious history"Mrs. White's visions provided the basis for the Adventist movement to consider that the "gift of prophecy" was manifested in her, which endowed her writings of great importance to the believers of this denomination.Ellen G. White promoted vegetarianism as well as the evangelization and spread of Adventism in different parts of the world.Remember to check out the More Apps section and you'll be amazed with wonderful free apps to feed faith and soul
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