Earth Curve Calculator

Earth Curve Calculator is an easy to use tool for calculating the approximate height below the horizon of a distant object or location. Simply enter the distance from your current location to an object or location you are looking at and let Earth Curve Calculator do the rest. For example, at sea level looking from Dover England to Calais France the distance to Calais is approximately 24.7 miles. This would mean that at sea level Calais is approximately 400 feet lower than your location due to the curvature of the Earth, so you should not be able to see the beach in Calais France from the beach at Dover UK.Who is it for?There is a great deal of interest in Flat Earth Theory, which is the notion that the Earth is flat. The basic justification for this is the apparent conflict that some people believe to exist between the mathematical theory presented by the scientific community and the observed facts in real life. This tool is designed to assist hobbyists in the pursuit of their theory and is also a neat tool to have on your phone when out and about.It allows you to rapidly determine how far below the horizon an object at a certain distance should be according to the mathematics of a spherical object the size of the Earth.The current version allows you to quickly slide from 0 to 200 miles with 1 finger, or enter a more specific value such as 1253.345 via keypad.It requires no access to internet or location services and so is suitable for work whilst in no signal areas.
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Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.