EBA - Effortless Bible Analysis

As it is Effortless Bible Analysis, many scriptures are analysed according to the topics.If you click on a topic, bible scriptures about that topic will be shown. E.g. If you click on a topic Budget, you can read how the bible tells about Budgeting.It is not only a keyword but also about the scriptures. E.g. Many scriptures tell about Human Rights but there is no word, Human Rights in those scriptures.You can change language or version on the same page, the same scripture easily. You can download or remove any language or version any time and able to re-download.If you give a star on a scripture in a language, star will be given to all the other languages and versions automatically.* Users can do fact-checking on whatever people say, whatever people preach and teach by using this Effortless Bible Analysis.** Users can prepare well for discussion, debate and to preach, to teach by using this Effortless Bible Analysis.*** Users can study, meditate, use cross references by using this Effortless Bible Analysis.Languages & Versions1. Bulgarian2. Burmese - Judson3. Burmese - Modern4. Chinese5. Duth6. English - KJV7. English - NIV8. English - NKJV9. Falam10. Finnish11. French12. German13. Greek14. Hakha15. Hindi16. Indonesian17. Italian18. Japanese19. Javanese20. Kachin21. Korean22. Latin23. Malay24. Malayalam25. Mizo26. Naga - Angami27. Naga - Ao28. Naga - Tangkhul29. Norwegian30. Polish31. Portuguese - Brazilian32. Portuguese - Portugal33. Romanian34. Russian35. Spanish36. Swedish37. Tamil38. Thai39. Vietnamese40. Zomi - Sizang41. Zomi - Tedim42. Zomi - Vaiphei43. Zomi - ZIV44. Zomi - Zou1. Language = 362. Bible versions = 443. Analysed topics = 140Functions- Advanced search, Star, Random verse, Many various displays, change languages and versions
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up