Anglo Saxon Mythology

Anglo-Saxon mythology refers to the Migration Period Germanic paganism practiced by the English peoples in 5th to 7th century England before switching to Christian mythology in later centuries.The Anglo-Saxons, composed of tribes of the Angles, Saxons, Friesian and Jutes, arrived in Britain from southern Scandinavia, the Netherlands and northern Germany. It is from these people that the modern English language (Angle-ish) derives. An impression, but only that, of the Anglo-Saxon mythology can be obtained from reading about Scandinavian mythology. The latter was written down much later, by Snorri Sturluson, because Iceland remained pagan until well into the Christian era (c.1000). The Norse of Iceland and the English certainly shared a common ancestry in 6th century Denmark. The Anglo-Saxons were a largely illiterate society and tales were orally transmitted between groups and tribes by the Anglo-Saxon traveling minstrels, the scops, in the form of verse.DisclaimerI do not own any materials in this app. I create Anglo Saxon Mythology to help people learn easily. If any of the materials in this app are against copyright, please contact me first.
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