gSho - Japanese Dictionary

Featuring fast start-up times and search-as-you-type, gSho is a Japanese-English dictionary app that has been streamlined to help you look up words and phrases as quickly as possible. With just a couple of taps, gSho provides you with definitions, conjugations, and contextual examples to help you easily bridge the language gap.Upgrade to the No Ads version for $2.99 and never see an in-app ad again! You can purchase it from within gSho - just look for it inside Settings!Join us on social media!Google+: Fast SearchesgSho is designed to provide you with lightning-fast results for any query in either Japanese or English! Search-as-you-type reduces the amount of characters required to find a particular word, and wildcards give you better control over how to narrow down search results. In addition, a built-in IME allows you to quickly switch between English and Japanese kana input. After activating it, any text entered into the search box will be automatically converted into Hiragana or Katakana as you type!- Kanji LookupSearch for kanji by components! gSho automatically narrows down the list of available components based on what youve previously selected, too, so you spend less time finding what you need.- Detailed EntriesLike any good dictionary, gSho displays parts of speech and definitions, as well as detailed kanji information and verb conjugations. Example sentences provide well-needed context for figuring out which situations are best to use a particular word or phrase. Kanji stroke order diagrams show detailed stroke orders for over 6600 kanji!- TaggingCreate your own tags, and apply as many of them to entries as you wish! The Vocab section enables you to easily go back and review tagged words at your convenience. Simply select a tag to pull up all words associated with that tag!- Example SentencesTap any example sentence to bring up a detailed breakdown. Key words in the sentence are highlighted and can be tapped to instantly bring up information about that particular word. Alternating colors also help visualize where one word ends and the next one begins!- HistorygShos History keeps track of the last 100 entries youve viewed and sorts them chronologically.- Kana TablesgSho includes comprehensive hiragana and katakana tables! With a tap, you can switch between either for a quick reminder on the difference between and , or whether youre reading or .- Search via the Share menuIf you need to look up a word you find in another app, simply highlight the word and select "Search in gSho" from the Share menu! gSho will automatically launch and search for the selected word.- Offline SupportgSho does not require an internet connection at any time! Links to external third-party resources require internet access, but none of the apps functionality is compromised because your device is offline.- Optimized For All DevicesTablets like the Nexus 7 and up will take advantage of the additional screen space with a two-column layout that doubles the number of visible search results.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0 and up