YBM Elite Korean Dictionary

. BookThe importance of essay writing is getting more and more on the rise. However, you cannot be a good essay writer in a day. To get a high score in a test that assesses the ability of writing, it is recommended to keep a Korean dictionary with you and review your writing and speech all the time.YBM Elite Korean Dictionary is not only a reference book to look for the meaning of a word or check spelling of it, but also it is a book which every Korean should read to be proud of Korean language.The latest edition of YBM Elite Korean Dictionary applies the current Korean spelling, standard language rule, and rule of writing words of foreign origin. It contains 200,000 headwords including unique words, words of foreign origin, and archaic words. It reveals the origin of Korean words as well as words of foreign words. In addition, it contains a lot of new vocabularies including words of current affair, technical words, Internet jargons, and words used in North Korea. It also provides easy and correct meaning, usage and synonyms used in a variety of works.. Program1. Feature to search for headwords real time (Auto-complete search)2. History feature3. Provide vocabulary card feature- Add/delete headwords- Sort headwords- Feature to create multiple vocabulary cards4. Feature to jump to all headwords5. Flash card feature6. Quiz card feature. Information for automatic downloading and installing additional data files* User manual: http://m.daolapp.com:3473/android/appguide/downguide.asp?appfile=a_ybm_elite_han_v4.yfs* If you have any problems and/or feedbacks regarding use of this program, please send them to master@daolsoft.com. We will take them into consideration and try to reflect them in next version.Dev*Sales: DaolSoft, Co., Ltd.
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