Windy's Valentine Delight: Story and Activities

Discover a magical world of handcrafted puppetry brought to life in Windy & friends. This unique and wonderful story experience combines stop-motion animation with touch interactivity that will captivate children and the young-at-heart.On a cheery Spring morning in the orchard, who will be Windy's valentine? Windy visitseach of her friends and learns who their valentine will be. At home with her blossomingpear tree, it becomes clear who (or what)Windy will call her valentine.Learning Outcome: Windy's Valentine Delight highlights curiosity and encourages children to recognize and value individuality in themselves and their friends.App Features* Groundbreaking mix of handcrafted stop-motion animation with innovative interaction and cinematics* Touch, tilt and drag the screen to explore the world of Windy & friends* Original music, narration, and sound effects* Three reading modes included for your enjoyment: Read to Me, Read Myself, and Autoplay* Language support in English and French; toggle languages on-the-fly* Visual Word Map promotes word association in both languages* Matching Game is a fun way to improve memory skills* "Parents only" area safely separates adult controls from child-friendly contentVisit for DIY craft activities, original music and even more Windy & Friends!Visit us: www.loudcrow.comFollow us: us:
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