English Vietnamese Dictionary

Multilingual dictionary with many useful functions completely free. With many dictionaries diversity, lexical accent pronunciation, vocabulary fast lookup.Free Super Dictionary with compact size, with 2 sets of English - Vietnamese dictionary and Vietnam - English will save in memory, no need to lookup network connection. Additionally you can download more 7 other dictionary to look up, when downloading additional dictionaries will be stored in the memory card can save your memory.Super Dictionary can help you translate texts into several different languages.Super Dictionary is a useful tool to help you search, memorize vocabulary quickly and efficiently, helping you master knowledge of English to apply in life.Super Dictionary has a simple interface, easy to use, you can get familiar with Super Dictionary quickly to use for your academic work.Dictionary is available 2 Super dictionaries:> English - Vietnamese (108 857 words)> Vietnam - English (23 440 words)Also, you can download the app more in dictionaries:> France - Vietnamese (47 954 words)> Vietnam - France (39 074 words)> German - Vietnamese (45 074 words)> Vietnam - Germany (11 926 words)> Russia - Vietnam (38 170 words)> Norwegian - Vietnamese (19 754 words)> Vietnam - Vietnam (30 164 words)Super Dictionary features include:> dictionary lookup quickly and conveniently.> Read the words with accent of natives.> Adjust the speed and intensity of the voice of voices to hear correctly.> Mark the word you need to remember.> Download more dictionaries of different languages.> Translate text into several languages> Search words by speech.Looking forward to your comments below Review for Super Dictionary dictionary apps increasingly more complete.Thank you for using Super Dictionary dictionary!
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