The most complete philosophical dictionaryDiscover a lot of words about philosophy. Brief definition of the fundamental philosophical terms. Sorted by letter for a better search, you will be able to learn and consult very easily all the definitions.The philosophy of science investigates scientific knowledge and scientific practice. It deals with knowing, among other things, how scientific theories are developed, evaluated and changed, and whether science is capable of revealing the truth of the "hidden" (ie, unobservable) entities and the processes of nature. The various basic propositions that make it possible to construct science are philosophical.The Philosophical Dictionary which compiled the main ideas of the philosophical party would have appeared around 1750 in the circle of King Frederick II of Prussia in the court where Voltaire lived at that time.Find many philosophical definitions in this philosophy dictionaryReflect on abundant officially philosophical themes, such as nature, death, justice or being.App contains:+ Philosophy dictionary: see all definitions without internet connection+ Philosophy: learn all about philosophy+ Philosophy dictionary online: lots of definitions to learn more about philosophy+ ExtrasQuite literally, the term "philosophy" means, "love of wisdom." In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. As an academic discipline philosophy is much the same.Those who study philosophy are perpetually engaged in asking, answering, and arguing for their answers to lifeaâ?¬s most basic questions. To make such a pursuit more systematic academic philosophy is traditionally divided into major areas of study.An application that will help you to answer any concept in your study about philosophy. Effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional and easy-to-use interface.* If you have any question or wish to contribute something, please let us know. Thank you.Download now Philosophy Dictionary and share with us your experience
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