Christian Sermons

Christian sermons puts at your disposal a series of sermons to preach the Word of God.A sermon is a form of public discourse on a religious or moral subject, usually delivered as part of a church service by a pastor or priest. It comes from the Latin word for discourse and conversation. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within both past and present contexts. Elements of the sermon often include exposition, exhortation and practical application.It is a fantastic help to better understand God, Christianity and Jesus.Christian Sermons contains a variety of sermons from well-known pastors.In Christianity, a sermon is usually delivered in a place of worship from an elevated architectural feature, variously known as a pulpit, a lectern, or an ambo. The word "sermon" comes from a Middle English word which was derived from Old French, which in turn came from the Latin word sermo meaning "discourse".Christian Sermons is suitable for all kinds of meetings and even for reading during free time.Christian Sermons contains:- You Are The Temple- The Christian Makes Moral Choices- In Praise of Trivial Pursuits- Lord, Make Me a Servant- What Is The Christian Life?- Christian Obligations- The Holy Spirit- The Christian's Mind- Trinity Sunday / Memorial Day- What Do You Do During Worship Services?- A Vision of One's Own- God's Rules For Happy Living- The Motherhood of God- What It Means To Be A Christian- No Greater Love- Christmas From God or Man?- Attitude for a New Year- Be Thou An Example (1 Timothy 4:12)- The Lengths and the Limits of Love- Dealing With an Erring Brother- Escape From God- The Joys of Workship- On Letting Go- Do The Right Thing- Guard Your Influence- Our God is Able- Personal Christian Growth- Resurrection Stories- Seven Steps to Happiness- The Reality of Easter- Living by the Fruits of the Spirit- Courage for the Living of These Days- and more ...Some of the biblical studies you will find in this application:- Pentecost and New Birth Realities- Jesus and prayer- God loves us- Judas' death and its timing- The armor of God- Who is the author of the Bible and who wrote it?- On the interpretation of the Bible- II Timothy 3:16-17: the usefulness of the Bible- Eve in Genesis- The temptations of Jesus- On the perpetual virginity of Mary- About the wise men- Jesus the Son of David- Was Jesus born on the 25th of December?- Spoken vs Written- The Church: Its definition, its head and its members- The genealogies of Jesus Christ- The two "fields" of blood- Esther and the delivering power of God- Gideon and how God worked with him- Jesus Christ: The RedeemerThe app also contains:Theology Dictionary: Completely offline so that you can consult when you want all the definitions and terms about theology.Bible Online: A complete online Bible to read and learn more about Bible studies in depth.Audio Bible: listen to all chapters you want of the BibleDevotionals: A good opportunity to be close to Our Lord every day.Enjoy access to our weekly sermons available on audio and video on your smartphonesThese incredible Christian sermons outlines on joy, love, peace, forgiveness, prayer and service to humanity.God has this incredible love for us, and when we truly understand the height and depth of that love, following Christ will be easy, because we'll want to please God in all that we do.Sermons build, correct, advise and persuade. The end they lead is the spiritual change and progress of man.Download now chistian sermons and and enjoy interesting sermons to preach , this will help you better understand the Bible and the Word of God
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