eBiblia PRO, Holy Bible

Some of the best applications of the bible we hope that this application will change your life we want you to support us by sharing with your friends to continue improving the system. eBiblia PRO easy to use so you can find what you are looking for in the bible.* Feature- Old Testament- New Testament- Favorites- Biblical maps- Biblical comments- The configuration screen where you can change the language of the app* Has Multiple Language- Spanish- English- Bengali- Gujarati- Hindi* Biblical CommentsThis app contains the Adventist Bible commentary , it has all the books of the Bible explained by chapter and verse clarifying the historical context and many details that we often do not understand of some specific verses, due to the literary translation of the Bible. I hope this app helps you.* Biblical mapsIn this application you can have all the maps that are in the bible, the 120 biblical maps of the old and new testament also Physical geography of Palestine the world of the ancient testament the trips of abraham the exodus of egypt division.Maps for Bible classes, sermons or conferences, Beautiful biblical maps in Spanish locate events and characters in places on the planet Earth for a wider and more interesting orientation. Dozens of biblical maps that will help you to understand very clearly each of the tours made by the holy men of God, You can know how many kilometers traveled on each trip, satellite view of these tours.God wants his children to know his word (the Bible) in such a way that the reflection in it allows us to change our character to become a little more each day to our teacher, Jesus Christ. Each biblical journey is explained by several maps. Yes, a single trip is understood using several maps where the transfer made is detailed step by step.* Versions- King James Version 1960 (RV60)- American Standard-ASV1901 (ASV)- King James Version (KJV)- Kitabul Mukkadas (MBCL)- Gujarati Old Version (Reference Bible) (BSI) (GUJOV-BSI)- Young's Literal Translation (YLT)- Saral Hindi Bible (SHB)- This app works without internet, it works without internet
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