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Ly Lien Kiet never had a happy life" is the comment of Baiyun's critic on Baike. In the top martial arts scene, he has the most difficult family situation. Li Lien Kiet was born on April 26, 1963 in Beijing, in a family of five brothers and sisters, the youngest of them. In the 2 year old Li Lien Kiet, his father died of illness. His mother ran a family business with a job and sold tickets. Ly Lien Kiet Su that is the voice and sound of the wild beast 6Ly Lien Kiet On the young, the physique of actor Hoang Phi Hong is very weak. Family anxiety should send Jet Li to learn martial arts from age 8. "I never thought that this simple decision was a milestone in my son's life," she said in a rare interview with the press. Ly Lien KietSuddenly, when the new martial arts student brought back the excellent performance. In 1972, Li joked about being touched Ly Lien Kiet by Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. "In my dream I have never thought of martial arts," Jet Li said on Xinhua .Ly Lien Kiet In the period from 1971 to 1979, Jet Li consistently brought in five national martial arts gold medals, more than 60 small prizes, including dances, sword and wushu. Journalists and martial arts experts have admitted that Jet Li is the rare martial arts prodigy of China, the country's potential athlete in international competitions.
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