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THE MOST AUTHORITATIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE LONG-RANGE COMBAT SHOOTING BOOK IN THE WORLD (FM 3-22.10 / FM 23-10 / TC 3-22.10)- NO ADVERTISING!- High-resolution PERFECT reproduction of the print version - NOT a cheap HTML conversion.- NOTABLE BOOKS(TM) let you write notes and bookmarks on every page!- OFFLINE APP - no Internet connection necessary; use it anywhere, anytime.- Current U.S. Army edition.- 450+ PAGES - COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED.- The indispensable manual for service personnel, civilian contractors, law enforcement, competition shooters, hunters, preppers, and more.- Created and trusted by U.S. military forces.- Profusely illustrated throughout.- Essential reference for the bookshelf or range bag of any long-range marksman, particularly the M24, M107 or M110 Sniper Systems operator and instructor.- Important: this is NOT the basic, outdated FM 23-10: this is the completely-overhauled 450+ page edition (FM 3-22.10).Since 1987 the US Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, Georgia, has trained Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard soldiers to become long-range marksmen par excellence, capable of eliminating high-value targets, gathering intelligence, and protecting their comrades with a mixture of stealth, patience, situational awareness, cunning, and mastery of the long-range rifle.This book contains the distilled wisdom of the Sniper School's instructors and expert marksmen, giving you over 450 pages of unique insight into the long range combat shooter's art.This edition supersedes the old, obsolete FM 23-10."Nothing chills the blood of a Soldier on the battlefield more than the crack of a rifle shot and the cry of 'SNIPER!' A skilled sniper can stop even the largest units in their tracks with a few well-aimed shots that take out key personnel such as scouts or officers, seriously damaging the enemy's morale."- Michael E. Haskew, The Sniper at War: From the American Revolutionary War to the Present Day"Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of an armed man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it never care for anything else thereafter."- Ernest Hemingway, "On the Blue Water," Esquire, April 1936INCLUDES:INTRODUCTIONEQUIPMENT - PRIMARY WEAPONS - OTHER EQUIPMENTFIELD TECHNIQUES - CAMOUFLAGE - MOVEMENT - POSITIONS - OBSERVATION - TARGET DETECTION & SELECTION - RANGE ESTIMATION - RECORDSMARKSMANSHIP - FUNDAMENTALS - BALLISTICS - EFFECTS OF WEATHER - HOLDOFF - MOVING TARGETS - OBSERVER TRAINING - SNIPER DATA BOOK - CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL & NUCLEAR CONSIDERATIONSTRACKING & EVASION - TRACKING - COUNTER-TRACKING - EVASION, RESISTANCE & ESCAPEMISSION PERPARATION & EXECUTION - PLANNING & COORDINATION - MISSION EXECUTIONSNIPER EMPLOYMENTSNIPER OPERATIONS - COMBAT OPERATIONS - URBAN OPERATIONS - CIVIL SUPPORT OPERATIONS - COUNTERSNIPER OPERATIONS - COUNTER-IED AND TRACKING OPERATIONSSNIPER SUSTAINMENT TRAININGRANGE SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENTMISSION PACKING LISTSLEADER'S CHECKLISTM24 SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEMCOMMUNICATIONS - FIELD-EXPEDIENT ANTENNAS - UNUSUAL CONDITIONS - REPORT FORMATSSURVIVALMAINTENANCE - INSTRUCTIONS - M110 SEMIAUTOMATIC SNIPER SYSTEM - M107 LONG-RANGE SNIPER RIFLE - M24 SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEMPRIMARY SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEMS OF THE WORLDCRITICAL TASK LISTGLOSSARY, REFERENCES & INDEXSearch for 'CARLILE MILITARY LIBRARY' to find more TOP-FLIGHT, SQUARED-AWAY publications for your professional bookshelf!Information purposes only.Published in the U.S.A. by CARLILE MEDIA.
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