King James Study Bible - Audio

Are you looking for a good study Bible for your personal study or to use in church during the Sunday School service and the main church service. Then download this KJV Study Bible offline or King James study Bible for offline and online use.The best study bible app for men and women, teenagers and young adults alike that make a great resource and help as you study the Word of God deeper. Get this KJV study Bible or King James Study Bible app now for your iPhone or iPad today!A study Bible is not like any other Bible. It contains a lot of information that you can use a child of God to know God's word more. That is why in most study Bible you will find Bible commentary, Bible dictionaries and other forms of literature to help you understand the word of God.Spending lots of hours reading God's word gives us hope for the now and also for the future.KJV Study Bible app or King James Study Bible app makes a great resource for Christians/believers who desire to learn and study the Word of God in a deeper and in a profound way whether you are a beginner or a professional. This study Bible app will help you learn and gain new insights and perspectives about deeper things of God as this app contains extensive features that would really be helpful in your study of God's Word such as:- Bible dictionary which would help you understand meanings and definitions of words used in the Bible.- Daily Devotionals which contains specific spiritual readings and topics that would add up to your knowledge.- Prayers which contains different kinds of prayers to guide you and assist you in your requests and petitions before the Lord.- Bible Quizzes for making your study of God's Word extra fun and enjoyable.- There is also audio Bible in pure King James language that is good for people who are mostly on the road and would like to listen to the Bible whiles still paying attention to the road. If you are cleaning the house and do not want to listen to music but rather be filled with the Words of God, then take this opportunity to listen to God's profound words.- For those who are physically challenged we have a Bible section for Deaf people. Sign language is being used which means everyone can now study God's word no matter the situation they are in.KJV (King James) Study Bible app is especially beneficial to women and men, Sunday school teachers, theologians, Bible believers, Pastors who would like to begin their study of God's Word but don't know how to start or where to start, and to guide them of their understanding of God's Word.This app is a complete package that would give you knowledge of the contextual setting of the Scriptures, culture, customs, history, and many more. So whether you are a beginner of God's Word, a pastor, or teacher, this app is for you.King James Study Bible or Bible study app is one of the best to have in your cellphone or gadgets as you desire to grow more in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.Download this Study Bible app now and take your study of God's Word to the next level!
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License Free
Version 38.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.