Speak4Me speak PDF for you anytime and anywhere, a charming interface with an awesome UI allow you to view PDF easily.You can Listen and read books together with Speak4me.Now you can listen to a good book even when you are at the gym or at folding laundry or travelling or any other time.It is always good and more interactive when you listen the speaking book what you read. Speak For Me App is very useful for reading pdfs.Features:Pause/Resume speech as needed, plus click Next/Previous buttons to jump by sentence.Easily control speech generator volume, pitch and rate of speech.Filter All the PDF's easilyJump directly to a particular pageIt highlights the text as you go along too.Night Mode for comfortable PDF reading in dark environmentsSmooth navigation.Auto scroll and searching functionality.Available different colors theme as your preference.Fully-customizable reading experience: Adjust font size, font and background colors, alignment, line spacing to best suit your preference and much more.Quick preview for customized setting.Speak For Me application speak PDF of languages English, Hindi.Advantages:- Quick and easy.- Relax, close your eyes and just listen the content that you want.- Protect your eyes against smartphone screen, get hands free.Note: Speaking is supported only if your device support TTS engine of that language.
Operating System Android