How do I play audio?Open any Quran page. Tap on the screen once. At the bottom, you will noticea play button and some text with the name of a qari. Click the name of the qari tochoose a different qari. Click play to download and play the current page or sura.How do I view translation?Open any Quran page. Tap on the screen once. In the top, you will notice aglobe icon (or, if you don't see it, click an icon with three square dots) - click this and choose translation to view the translation. If you do not have any translations downloaded, it will take you to a screen where you can download translations. Choose and download a translation, then return back and tap the globe icon again to view translation.How do I bookmark a page?Open any Quran page. Tap on the screen once. In the top right, you will see bookmark icon. Tap the bookmark icon to bookmark the page (the color will turn solid white). Tap the bookmark icon again to remove the bookmark.How do I make the text larger?For the Arabic pages, hold your phone in landscape. This makes the text larger. For translations, go to settings and set translation text size.How do I share an ayah?While on any Arabic page, press and hold on any ayah to get a menu where you can choose to bookmark, tag, share or copy that ayah to the clipboard, see the translation, or listen to its recitation.Malayalam/Tamil/Bengali/Urdu fonts don't work!Unfortunately, Android versions prior to 4.0 do not support these fonts, and there is little we can do to help with this.
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