The War on Mars

The story of a soldier, Lincoln, who joins the Air Force, so that he can be deployed to the Martian settlement, to see his fiance. His fiance has been under quarantine on Mars since the settlement had been established. When her mission, for the Research and Development Center (a sub-division of a joint union between NASA and the Military) began, the planet was placed under quarantine and no person or ship was allowed to leave the planet. A while after the original teams landed and began building the settlement and researching the surface, a mysterious creature started attacking the developers. At the time there was very little presence of Military, but once the attacks began to disrupt the normal everyday processes of the R&DC, the military was in high presence. Every member had to be escorted from one building to the next. The original crew had brought with them a few passengers nobody expected. A couple of spiders, that had tagged along the outside of the shuttle and managed to survive the trip. The radiation out in the empty void of space and the entry into the Martian atmosphere had caused the spiders to produce a new generation of offspring. And with the difference in the gravity on the surface of Mars, the spiders had began to evolve, rapidly. In the beginning, they weren't really a threat to anyone. Just extremely terrifying, on the rare occasions you were to encounter one. But as time went on and the settlement grew, so did they. Lincoln, whose life was empty without his love, decided that he didn't care what the risks were, just knew he had to see her again.
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