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Islam.msRead Listen Holy Quran Mp3 Free Quran Recitation without internetMadani MousHaf HafSRead the Holy Quran. Mushaf complete Quran. free Quran mp3 applicationListen to recitations of several recognized Sunni reciters: Minchawi, Housari, `AbdoulBaaSiTAudio mp3 of Quran available offline after downloading. Quran mp3 without internetRepeat audio by verse.Tajwid of QuranSurat, Jouz 'Hizb, Bookmark, Favorite to resume recitationQuick search by key words in the verses of QuranCopy the verses of Quran and shareTafsir Exegesis of great Sunni scholars (Tafsir content has not been verified): Qurtubi, Tahrir wa t-Tanwir Tahir Ibn `Ashur, Tabari, BaghawiReceive regular Islamic information in the application in Arabic, French, EnglishPrayer Times and Qibla cities worldwide Qibla Locator Salat Islamic Prayer TimesIslamic Prayer TimesQibla LocatorThe prayer times and Qibla cities worldwide.The method of calculation most consistent with religion. From numerous visual observations were made to adopt a reliable method of calculation.Imsak: abstinence Schedule for fasters.Tracing the direction of Qiblah on Google Maps.The compass number with the calculation of the magnetic deflection.Detecting the position. GeolocationWidget for Prayer TimesBeautiful Adhan for prayers timesProtection Invocations and Evocations DuaPossibility of moving the marker on the map and having the direction of the Qiblah as well as the number of the compassSearch prayer times and qibla without internetFree App without Ads. Please download it and rate it five stars and share it:.:.
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